Reality : An Illusion?

I’m starting this post with a basic question : What is reality??

You’ll probably answer : “Its the world we are living in now”

Aha! The phrase I was looking for : “living in”

What tells you that you are actually conscious and living?

Your five senses: touch, smell ,vision, taste and sound.

What evidence is there to prove that your five senses are actually relaying true information to your brain of the outside world and that you are not just a molecule floating around in space?

What if the outside world is just a figment of your brain to stop you from becoming mad?

There springs another question :- Is your brain really here?

It is entirely possible that you are a figment of some higher being’s imagination

Ponder, my readers, upon this basic question and do not take this world for granted, for it could end and you would not know it…… 😉


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