Feelings and building relationships are two things which we consider exclusively human.But are they?

At first, let us take a scientific viewpoint and discuss the word “feeling”.Feelings are simply the product of communication between the body and the brain.At their best, they are only chemical signals.Simply wonder without any rational thought, akin to a child; Are feelings what we perceive they are? Or are they simply the product of the brain’s survival instinct ?

Come to think of it, have you seen some of those apocalyptic movies where a survivor teams up with his archenemy to survive?That is exactly what I am talking about.Feelings are simply your brain’s survival instinct to team up with someone in a life-threatening situation because your survival rate is greatly enhanced together rather than alone.

As a conclusion, I yet again remind you to not take the world at face-value, because things are not always what they look like…(sometimes, our vision too betrays us[coming up in my next post 😉 ])

Sooooo looooonnnnnngggg until my next post. Until then, keep waiting 😉


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