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Disinformation by Ion Mihai Pacepa and Ronald J Rychlak

This book deals with Soviet disinformation tactics before it disintegrated in 1991 and its consequences, which are felt up to this very day. A KGB officer who had a change of heart after being asked to kill someone by Khruschev, Ion Mihai Pacepa defected to the United States in 1978. He was at the center of the department of Disinformation in the KGB and handled the entire operations.

There are several case studies in this book, like the dezinformatszya campaign against Pope Pius XII, and the strange rise in the arson of black churches in as late as 1996. The format of every study is that at first, freely available information is presented and viewed in a critical manner, and then Ion Pacepa tells his side of the story, exposing the true motives and mechanism of the deception.

Ronald J Rychlak’s immersive writing makes this an enjoyable read, and Ion Pacepa’s narration gives a glimpse of the world through a young, promising KGB officer’s eyes. The inclusion of the former three-star colonel also gives the readers a “X-ray vision”, whereby intricate KGB dezinformatzsya campaigns are dissected and carefully examined, key points are highlighted, and the underlying motives and methods used discussed at great length. Some parts of the book are a little boring and of no interest to an average reader, but if you stick through it all, you will eventually get to the more stimulating parts.

Overall, it is a very interesting and engaging book, and I would advise you to read it, as even right now, Soviet disinformation is the cause of terrorism and war in the Middle East, and this book is the key to understanding why.

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Disinformation (book)