Before you start reading this blog, I’d like you to keep a two points in mind:-

  1. I am writing about God as the product of a belief, rather than a spiritual entity by Himself.
  2. This blog is not intended to harm anyone’s religious beliefs, so any harm caused to the same is purely accidental.

Let us begin with the definition of the word “God”.

God is any supernatural entity that we believe created the world and controls it.

Now I will ask you a simple question; before any major examination or inauguration or any such event, what do you do? You pray to God, right?

What does praying to God give you?

It gives you mental satisfaction and strength that you derive from praying to Him, because you are convinced that He will help you in your endeavours.

Ancient Indians, as you know, were very advanced in the science of biology and knew that various plants have different effects on the human body. But the educated Indians were a select few, who were either rich or belonged to the Brahmin caste. They wanted to share their knowledge with their fellow Indians but were unable to do so because the common man in India in those days was uneducated. That is why they “invented” God and the traditions we follow today, so that because they fear God, they would follow the traditions the sages so carefully thought out and benefit from them. That is why we should stick to our roots and follow our traditions. But we should not follow them just because of blind faith, but because we can benefit from them and thereby not waste the hard work our ancestors have put into making them.

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Feelings and building relationships are two things which we consider exclusively human.But are they?

At first, let us take a scientific viewpoint and discuss the word “feeling”.Feelings are simply the product of communication between the body and the brain.At their best, they are only chemical signals.Simply wonder without any rational thought, akin to a child; Are feelings what we perceive they are? Or are they simply the product of the brain’s survival instinct ?

Come to think of it, have you seen some of those apocalyptic movies where a survivor teams up with his archenemy to survive?That is exactly what I am talking about.Feelings are simply your brain’s survival instinct to team up with someone in a life-threatening situation because your survival rate is greatly enhanced together rather than alone.

As a conclusion, I yet again remind you to not take the world at face-value, because things are not always what they look like…(sometimes, our vision too betrays us[coming up in my next post 😉 ])

Sooooo looooonnnnnngggg until my next post. Until then, keep waiting 😉

Reality : An Illusion?

I’m starting this post with a basic question : What is reality??

You’ll probably answer : “Its the world we are living in now”

Aha! The phrase I was looking for : “living in”

What tells you that you are actually conscious and living?

Your five senses: touch, smell ,vision, taste and sound.

What evidence is there to prove that your five senses are actually relaying true information to your brain of the outside world and that you are not just a molecule floating around in space?

What if the outside world is just a figment of your brain to stop you from becoming mad?

There springs another question :- Is your brain really here?

It is entirely possible that you are a figment of some higher being’s imagination

Ponder, my readers, upon this basic question and do not take this world for granted, for it could end and you would not know it…… 😉